Passive House Tools?

The Passive House Tools project is a collection of free, open-source tools created to help Passive House designers do more, better, faster. These tools are mostly the work of 'in-house' development and have been created over the years to help our own firm do a better job as Passive House consultants and designers. We're happy to share these tools with the Passive House communty in the hopes that they might help others to improve their workflow, streamline their efforts, make fewer mistakes and deliver better projects. If you'd like to contribute your own tools or add to any of the existing tools, check out the github repository or get in touch with us at:

Disclaimer: Before you continue, note that these tools are in no way affiliated with, or officially supported by, any of the software packages referenced below. These tools are created as independant tools/plugins, made by independant authors and in no way replace any of the software packages referenced below. Note also that these tools are in active development: expect them to change over time and do not use them on important files or projects. We're not responsible for anything that breaks as a result. Use at your own risk.

Ladybug Tools to PHPP (LBT2PH)

The LBT2PH toolkit is a collection of Rhino and Grasshopper items which allow you to control the PHPP from within Rhino. This toolkit piggybacks on top of the popular toolset Ladybug Tools v1.0+ in order to allow users to create simultaneous EnergyPlus and PHPP models from a single source model. This toolset consists of many individual components for both the Rhino and Grasshopper sides which allow you to quickly and easily create and control PHPP models entirely from with the Grasshopper environment.

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EnergyPlus IDF to PHPP (IDF2PH)

The IDF2PH converter allows users to import EnergyPlus IDF files into a PHPP. This is useful if you have an IDF file created by another program (such as the 'Legacy' Ladybug Tools) that you'd like to import into the PHPP.

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DesignPH Room-Data-Tool

While DesignPH 2.0 includes a terrific set of data-management features, it does lack 'room-level' parameter inputs. This creates uneccessary confusion and duplicaton of work, esp for complex models. This plugin for Sketchup allows users to manage 'room-level' information in their Sketchup scene in order to supplement their DesignPH models.

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