LadybugTools V1+ to PHPP (LBT2PH v0.1 Beta)

The LBT2PH toolkit allows you to construct, refine and control the entire PHPP energy model from with Rhino, while simultaneously creating a parallel model within LadybugTools and EnergyPlus for dynamic model assessment. These tools allow for a wide variety of uses and levels of detail, from simple geometry export up to complete PHPP control and multi-zone modeling.

How Does it Work?

The LBT2PH toolkit includes a set of new Rhino 'commands' as well as a group of all new Grasshopper components which allow you to convert a LadybugTools model into a PHPP. These tools allow for the creation and updating of the PHPP entirely from within Rhino/Grasshopper. The new Rhino commands allow for easy parameter assignment and management within the 3D Rhino scene, while the new Grasshopper components are used 'in-line' with the Ladybug / Honeybee tools. Take a look below for more details.

Download and Install LBT2PH

The LBT2PH converter allows users to import EnergyPlus IDF files into a PHPP. This is useful if you have an IDF file created by another program (such as the 'Legacy' Ladybug Tools) that you'd like to import into the PHPP.

Watch a detailed walkthrough of the download and install steps here.